Monday, January 31, 2011

Ug... oh well :S

Well its been 2 weeks since I last posted... I guess my picture a day challenge kind of flopped already! I think the reason it didn't pan out, is that I was going to do the daily themes listed on and they weren't always ones I could do!
I am home bound pretty much every day so being able to get out and takes a picture of a busy street or trail is kind of hard for me to do :S I think I will continue to use that site for inspiration, but generally do my own thing.

On another note, I go back to work one week from today.
I've had a mixture of feelings, from sadness and guilt, to excitement and relief. I think it all depends on what type of day I am having. The last few days have been rough around here.

I think Mason is getting another tooth, and he seems to be experiencing a lot of separation anxiety. Mason is usually "Mr. To-Busy-to-Sit-Still"...and all he wants these days is me. Don't get me wrong, I love feeling needed by my usually independent son, but some days it is just a bit much. Jacob needs the love too! And with that Mason will get into a tizzy the moment I have to put him down to do anything else. So it is days like this where I am thankful to be gong back to work... I just need a little break! Does that make me a bad mom? I sure hope not.

The flip side is I keep worrying about missing things. For example, Jacob has been spending a lot of time now standing on his own.. and I just know that his first steps will be coming REAL soon. I am hoping that he will save them for when I am home... I will be so sad if I miss that momentous moment. And just the other everyday things that we do together is going to be cut short. I am really going to miss that too. Especially this - Jacob's smooshy face after nap time (yes, I know I will still see this on the weekends.. thankfully!)

Ah, I am just a mess :S

I am looking forward to the following though:

- Adult interaction
- Quiet lunch breaks where I can read my pile of books that are waiting for me :)
- Another creative outlet

Next Monday will definitely be different than today. I know that I am going to be a wreck for a couple days. But I think we'll all be okay.

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